Park Real Esttae License and Save

What exactly is “Parking RECO Ontario Real Estate Licence”? 🤔

Wednesday May 04th, 2022



What exactly is “Parking RECO Ontario Real Estate Licence”? 🤔



Attention: Part Time Realtors

I am often asked this question about how to save money by parking my Ontario RECO Real Estate License and save money.

In this video I have covered the basic concept as to what Parking the License means.

The other terms used are Hanging the License or Warehousing the real estate license. They all mean the same.

I also shared what the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) says about it.

You can also read it here at  👉 👉 👉 RECO’s website

By parking your real estate license, you can save on:

  • Real Estate Board Fee
  • Orea Fee
  • Crea Fee
  • Franchise Fee
  • Desk Fee
  • Tea/Coffee Fee

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📰 PS: BTW, the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board fees are due in June 2022. If you were thinking of saving that cost, now is time - contact me now and save!! Any questions, please feel free

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