Thank you for your kind Donations for Health Heroes

Thank you all, we did it!!

Tuesday Jan 26th, 2021


Thank you all, we did it.

As, you will recall, before Christmas Holidays, I launched a fundraising campaign for our William Osler Health System foundation to help our front line healthcare workers in the Hospitals. 

The 2nd wave of this Pandemic has been putting pressure on the resources of these hospitals. Many of you came forward and donated liberally for this cause and thank you so much.

As I had mentioned that instead of investing in my annual calendars and holiday gifts for my clients, I and my company Ace Team Realty will match your donations dollar to dollar.

The Goal was to raise at least $1,000 for this noble cause.

I am so grateful that collectively my clients donated $650 and which was matched by me and my company Ace Team Realty and we exceeded our goal and made a total donation of $1,300 to support our #healthcareheroes. 

So thank you again for being a hero for our health care heroes.

So, hope to see you soon in person. Till then, stay safe, stay Healthy!!


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