TRREB Fees are due by 30th June

Ontario Realtors Don't Want To Pay TRREB Fess Due by June 30?

Monday Jun 14th, 2021


Hello Ontario Realtors, Toronto Regional Real Estate Board fees are due by 30th June. Don't want to pay?

Have you just completed your Real Estate Course 🧑‍🎓, but not ready to trade?

Are you a Part-Time Real Estate Salesperson or Broker and want to take time off selling Real Estate? 🏖️

Are you going on a Maternity Leave? 🤰

Thinking of retiring from active Real Estate Business? But don't want to give up your Ontario RECO License? 🏠 🌟


You can now PARK YOUR RECO License with our ACE Team Realty Brokerage and $$$ave lots of money every year.💰

When you Park your RECO License, you don't pay:

  • Real Estate Board Fees
  • CREA Fees
  • OREA Fees
  • Franchise Fees
  • Tea/Coffee Fees

You can still make money from Real Estate Business Opportunities!!💲

For more information, call our Broker of Record Manoj Arora at 416-618-9753. 

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