It is very easy to transfer your Ontario Real Estate (RECO) License to our non-board member Brokerage branch. We have given here all the steps you need to take along with all the forms which need to be filled.

It does not matter where you live or practice real estate trade in Ontario, you can still transfer your RECO license to us.

If you have questions regarding the transfer procedure, please feel free to give us a call at 905.488.3101.

1 - Contact your Real Estate Board or the Brokerage you are currently with and obtain their Membership
Change Form. Fill out this form as a Termination of Membership and Fax or deliver to
your Real Estate Board.

2 - Complete a letter of resignation and forward this to your Broker of Record. The letter of resignation
should contain date, your name, address and your RECO registration number.
You can download the sample Resignation letter here

3 - Go to Reco's Website to obtain the
"Notice of Employee Change Transfer Form" and the "Credit Card Payment Form".

4 - Enter all information required in section "B" of the "Notice of Employee Change Form"
and the "Credit Card Payment Form". When completed fax to our office at 1-888-443-3155.

5 - We will complete our part and forward the forms to RECO

6 - Pay One discounted yearly brokerage fee of $299.99 $199.99 + HST with your Credit Card
or PayPal Account Using PayPal (click on PAY NOW).

7 - Contact our office at 905-488-3101 and receive a copy of the Independent Contractor

Agreement. Fill out this form and fax to our office at 1-888-443-3155.

Please note that You still shall have to pay for your RECO renewal, E & O Insurance and complete the mandatory Continuing Education required by RECO every 2 years.

This Annual Brokerage fee is non-refundable.

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