How to get home inspection done in multipe offers?

How to get Home Inspections done during Multiple Offers?

Friday Oct 29th, 2021


How to get Home Inspections done during Multiple Offers?



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As you know, the real estate market has been going through an acute shortage of availability of homes for sale which is resulting in multiple offers coming on the property on the offer day. For the prospective buyer to have a winning offer, in addition to making an attractively priced bid, they by and large have to remove the conditions of Financing and Home Inspection and make it a firm offer.

Going in without an Home Inspection could be tricky sometimes and may lead to some small or even bigger surprises and hence additional unexpected expenses.

To help us prepare for such multiple offer situations, we are being joined in this episode of the Manoj Arora Real Estate Show by a professional Home Inspector Todd Newhook from Professional Home Consultants.

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